Known as a risk-free and effective herbal product, Meizitang Herbal Pills especially designed different versions to suit various groups. Choose the one that’s best fit you!

  • Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft GelLaser Mark with MZT, Green Soft Gel, Clear White Liquid, 36 Capsules per Pack
  • Meizitang Strong Version(Strong Version of Normal Meizitang, 20% More Ingredients) Laser Mark with MSV, Green Soft Gel, Clear White Liquid, 36 Capsules per Green Bottle
  • Meizitang Red Version (2012 New Version, 30% More Ingredients of Normal Version) Laser Mark with MSV, Brownish Red Botanical Slimming Soft Gel, Clear White Liquid, 36 Capsules per Red Bottle
  • Meizi Evolution (Advanced Version of Meizitang, More Effective Ingredients) Laser Mark with MZE, Green Soft Gel, Clear White Liquid, 30 Capsules per Green Bottle


Meizitang Soft Gel is a high-powered patent concentrate of several kinds of Chinese herbs, it adopts a new generation of sustained-release technology and can work for 15 hours in human body.

Meizitang Strong Version comes from edible plants to become a healthy, safe and natural food regulator, it won’t bring any side effects even consumed for a long-term. You only need to take one Meizitang Strong Version diet pill per day before breakfast, the effect would be significant,!

Meizitang Strong Verion contains 20% more ingredients to work more effective
All Genuine Meizitang Strong Version has clear Laser Mark “MSV”

Lotus leaf, Psyllium Husk, Artemisia dracunculua, Jobstears, Bamboo Shoot, Xianxian Cao

[Specifications] 650mg x 36pills/bottle
[Usage & Dosage] 1 capsule / time, 1 time / day
[Caution] Not applicable for Children, woman in pregnancy and people with cardiovascular disease and apoplexy etc.
[Valid Period] 24 month
[Storage] Store in cool, dry and dark conditions
[Producer] Kunming Lingcao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
[General Franchiser]: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

Meizitang Strong Version
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 35 reviews
by Dean Campbell on Meizitang Strong Version
worth trying

I'm very happy that I found this site where we can get the authentic pills. Thanks to this meizitang weight loss pills, now I can reduce my weight in a healthy nature way and didn't to worry about the side effects..

by Amelie McMillan on Meizitang Strong Version
Excellent value

Excellent value for money! I have only taken zi xiu tang bee pollen for only a little over a week and have lost 3 lbs. It is not only effective but also healthy, I am so excited about the results already.

by Brayden MacKillop on Meizitang Strong Version
best slimming product

I was very skeptical as I've tried many weight loss products over the course of my adult life, but I have found this meizitang and during I used it 2 months I find it is the to be one of the best.

by Ryan McLachlan on Meizitang Strong Version
Very great

At first, I did not change my diet and did not do exercise. but when in the second weeks, pills helps me eat less, I find I didn't like junk food any more. It is much to my surprise

by Richard Medeiros on Meizitang Strong Version
good customer service

Have to say the customer service is very good, she/he recommend me a few super cheap combination package, for me this is really very cost-effective because I has been determined that the effect of this pills is very good.

by Robert Herring on Meizitang Strong Version
really effective

The effect is really very good, I have fourth times to buy here, this time is to buy for my friends, I have already lost weight successfully, which makes me very want to become the agent of this pills. very excellent !

by Jennifer Howard on Meizitang Strong Version
A wonderful helper

Actually I had taken Meizitang strong version before, and got really good results. However, I gained a lot of weight again during my pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is the reason why I came back. It didn

by Mary Alexander on Meizitang Strong Version
MSV, your best choice


by Gertrud Martell on Meizitang Strong Version
well done

The products are a great way to put you on the right track! It

by Eura Hewitt on Meizitang Strong Version

Once I did that the fat started melting off! Be careful with laxatives overuse can lead to low iron and loss off nutrients. Once a week is good! Don

by Paula Singleton on Meizitang Strong Version
Will continue to take the pills

I have taking the pills for a week so far I have not weight myself, but I have heard somebody else said I am thinner than before, I am not sure whether it is true. But that is a good story. I will keep taking them & will let you know if I lose weight.

by Kelli Little on Meizitang Strong Version
Can I take one pill more per day

Hi people I have been taking this green strong version for a week & I do see a decrease in appetite for breakfast & lunch but it does not last through dinner. Has this happened to anybody else? do you all think I should take them later like noon or can I double the dosage?

by Whitney Lambert on Meizitang Strong Version
A little headache and dry mouth

I just started this pills two days ago and it seems that my appetite is smaller. I

by Tanya Weaver on Meizitang Strong Version
strongly recommend it

This strong version was what I was looking for! I have lost five or six pounds, I have not checked my weight but judge by my pants. I have been taking this product for only three weeks now and get good result, like the pills so much.

by Bobbie Andrews on Meizitang Strong Version
They work for me

I used meiiztang green strong version for 2 days so far, I think it need some more time to let the product do what it suppose to do, I cannot give it a fair complete rating until I finish all 90 capsules. I am going to keep taking it, and let everyone know what happens!

by Freda Brown on Meizitang Strong Version
Awesome pills

I have not lost a lot of weight just yet, but I can see a slight difference in my waist line. I exercise 5 days a week with cardio and weights. My body is naturally athletic and my goal is to tighten my tummy and drop a few pounds. Looking for better result.

by Guadalupe Scott on Meizitang Strong Version
excited for getting the product today

I am very excited for getting the product today, will start tomorrow morning, fingers crossed I can reduce 5 to 10 lbs in 1 month as you said, will keep you posted. Thank for your warmly service.

by Beulah Potter on Meizitang Strong Version

Before I bought from these website, I read all the reviews and it seems the right one I need so I placed for trial, aha, it dose cause me dry mouth, and my shape start to have some difference, Happy! Thanks!

by Monica Schmidt on Meizitang Strong Version
have a try

I have used this meizitang strong version before, at first I got very good effect and I really loved it, but unfortunately the second order I bought from another seller DOESN

by Miriam Delgado on Meizitang Strong Version
really satisfied with your good service

I get the pills today, just 5 days after I placed my order online. If the effect is as good as the website side, we will order large quantity from you in future. In all, I am really satisfied with your good service.

by Toni Burton on Meizitang Strong Version
20% discount

I get 20% discount as I paid for my order by western union. The price is so low and fast delivery. I am satisfied with all the service so far.

by Pearl Hale on Meizitang Strong Version
interested in this product

I really appreciate the coupon offer you have made to me, but since I accidently ordered twice, I currently have 5 bottles of your product and don't need to re-order at this time. If people around me are interested in this product, I will order soon.

by Glenda Myers on Meizitang Strong Version
much appreciated

Your team response is much appreciated as well as making a great product. I like the idea of taking 2 pills a day, together for once. I think 2 pills help me reduced more.

by Hope Potter on Meizitang Strong Version
more satisfied

It is a great product so far, I feel a lot more satisfied when I eat small amount of food & I feel great so far I don

by Connie Fernandez on Meizitang Strong Version
happy with the result

The pills working very well. But I feel that the tips from the customer service are also important. So I am satisfied with both the pill itself and the service. Feel happy.

by Catherine Bush on Meizitang Strong Version
feel energetic all day long

Even though I eat healthy and exercised prior and during, but I didn

by Gail Nichols on Meizitang Strong Version
reduced my weight successfully

I started using this product 2 months ago and I lost 19 pounds during this time. I did not use it everyday but I did change up my diet an exercise about four times a week. My family are very doubt about my slimming method, they said that I must use the pills very regularly and do not eat too much. But I reduced my weight successfully, though I didn

by Maxine Richards on Meizitang Strong Version
feel energetic all day long

I've lost 8 lbs in the last and half months. It seems to be working! I remember that the first day I use the pills, I feel thirsty very often. Then I contacted the customer service and they told me drink much water. Since then, I drink as much water as I can and feel very good. All day long, I feel energetic.

by June Obrien on Meizitang Strong Version
get a good result

I have been loosing weight steadily since starting this product. I get this pills casually. When I was surfing the internet and watch some documentary film, a friend called to seek some diet pill. Then I searched and found this meizitang strong version. I placed an order, and use the pills together with her. Both of us get a good result so far.

by Dixie Silva on Meizitang Strong Version
Curb my appetite well, eat less but feel good

As far as meizitang strong version go, I think this is a good one and we plan to use it more. I think its pretty cool that there is plants included as well.

by Justin Johnson on Meizitang Strong Version
MSV definitely reduces my appetite

they definitely reduce the appetite, I can barely stand the sight of food with them

by Carl Robinson on Meizitang Strong Version
Everything is ok except dry mouth.

Got constipation and sleeplessness at the very beginning but the body seems to have adjusted to the pills now, everything is ok except dry mouth.

by Donald Davis on Meizitang Strong Version
The delivery was quite fast

Received them in 5 days, the delivery was quite fast, have used them for 1 week, so far so good

by Christopher Anderson on Meizitang Strong Version
My pants are loose!Great slimming pills!

the arms are less flabby and the pants are loose! Great pills! I will work out to speed up weight loss lol

by Philip Sanchez on Meizitang Strong Version
Very glad that my stomach is controlled.


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