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Slimming Capsule 100% Original Asset Bold Pills

Slimming capsule is herbal weight loss product, losing one pound one day, safe and fast. Private Labeling, free package design.

Slimming Capsule is a world leading tested dietary supplement produced through modern technology only using natural herbs. It works right away to suppress appetite, speed up the metabolism, and melt away excess body fat.

*Suppressing appetite.
*Enhancing metabolic performance.
*Fast working form the first day.
*Fat burner.
*No known side effect.

Mechanism of Action:
1. Controls the hunger hormone to suppress appetite reduce calorie intake.
2. Multi-nutrition improves the metabolism, free of diarrhea, constipation and rebounding.
3. Multi-lipolysis factors reduce fat synthesis, accelerate fat burning, block absorption of fat and control weight effectively.

Ingredients: Bitter Orange Extracts, Cassia Seed Extracts, Jobstears Seed, Mulberry Leaf Extracts, Amylum.

Suitable For: Both men and women between 18-60 years.
Unsuitable for: Pregnant or lactating women; Those who suffer from heart diseases; People on prescription drugs or OTC drugs.

Note: The product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Specification: 350mg*36 Pills Dosage:
One capsule every morning before breakfast. Best take on an empty stomach. It is recommended to take at least 8 glasses of water per day.
Shelf Period: 24 months
Storage: Keep in cool & dry place.
Notice: Lower MOQ, Semi-finished weight loss products and raw material, private label, OEM&ODM service with best price are all available here. As one of the most professional GMP manufacturers in China, we can satisfy all your requirements here.

Company Information

1.Extensive experiences in producing dietary supplements and export: XingFang  Biology Technological Co., Ltd was founded in 2017 started to produce softgels, and the first softgel was exported in 2004.
2. Huge production capacity:  the annual production capacity of softgel is 600 thousand , the Pill is 2 million, the hard capsules is 1.5 million, the pills is 1million.
3. Abundant product dosage form: Contain softgel,hard capsule, tablet, pill, powder, oral liquid, Cosmetic, essence, Plant extract etc.
4. Advanced testing and R&D equipments: All testing equipments are all from US Agilent Technologies Inc, including GC, HPLC, GEM Microwave Digestion System, Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer, etc.
5. Fast commodity inspection time from CIQ: within 2 days can we finish the commodity inspection.
6. the products are exported to nearly 50 countries and regions.
7. Complete Register-files for more than 20 countries including USA, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Russia, Pakistan, etc.
8. More than 1200 kinds of product formulas including grease products, suspended products etc.
9. Varieties of packaging services: such as boxing packaging, bottling packaging, tin can packaging, blister packaging, aluminum foil bag packaging, etc

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 30 reviews
by Isabelle Game on Beautiful Slim Body
deserves more

Do you think meizitang soft gel pills deserves to have a try? the answer is yes. In return for a bold attempt. I have lost 8 pounds for 15 last days and with no exercise or go on diet.

by Alexandra Lienhop on Beautiful Slim Body
surely worth

Fruta planta diet pill is surely worth a try if you want to lose weight easy and healthy. I lost 6 pounds weight on this frutaplanta pills for the first week, and continue to take the pills; it works very well for me.!!

by Bryn Crawford on Beautiful Slim Body

At first, I did not change my diet and did not do exercise. but when in the second weeks, meizitang diet pills helps me eat less, I find I didn't like junk food any more. It is much to my surprise !!!

by James Thompson on Beautiful Slim Body
Surly worth

meizitang is surely worth a try if you want to lose weight easy and healthy. I lost 6 pounds weight on this meizitang for the first week, and continue to take the pills; it works very well for me.

by Maia Davidson on Beautiful Slim Body
very significant effect

In order to get better results, I am eating healthily when I decide to taking this mzt, I hope I will lose 20lbs in the next 1 months under the slimming pills help.

by Katie Smith on Beautiful Slim Body
recommended it

Taking this meizitang for a month, I was surprised to find that I lost 5 pounds, and during this period, I do not have to do any sports or go on a diet. This shows that mzt is really very effective. I think I would recommend to friends

by Tia Campos on Beautiful Slim Body
decrease appetite

Let me say the feelings that after the use of mzt, the first three days without any feeling, from the beginning of the fourth day, there is no hunger feel, but still feel full of energy all day. I think it's wonderful, it's great.

by Edna Howery on Beautiful Slim Body
like this product

I really like this product, this summer, mzt help me to lose 10 pounds in one month, then I can enjoy the beauty of the beach and wearing sexy Bikini without fear of being laughed at. my confident is come back. Very nice !

by Amanda Cooper on Beautiful Slim Body
Pls take the recommended dosage!

When it comes to the 4th week taking 2012 Red Meizitang strong veresion, I have dropped 11 pounds. I only added walking to my weight loss program and really didn

by Patricia Perez on Beautiful Slim Body
My favorite purchase

Based on my personal experience with Red Meizitang, I know all the good things I heard before are true! In combination with a workout routine, I have reduced a lot of fat and got my body in shape. I never got the shaky feelings or similar discomfort. It

by Sixta Mckenna on Beautiful Slim Body
like it so much

Got my parcel again today, glad as the last trial pack did work for me! Motivated to lose weight again with this fantastic key! My goal is to lose 25 lbs in half a year as I will have my wedding after 6 months. I hope the red version would help me indeed.

by Felipa Conners on Beautiful Slim Body

I was overweight, obese as a child. Born 13 lbs, later I would joke that I weighed in stones my age in years! My aunt bought this meizitang for me as one of her friend benefit a lot for this pill. This is the first time for me to take diet pill and I hope it will work well on me.

by Tatyana Soares on Beautiful Slim Body
work well

I felt great and looked great. I didn

by Madie Smyth on Beautiful Slim Body
good pill

I am very skeptical about many products out there. I was always very small until I had my daughter. In order to come back my good shape, I ordered red meizitang online and I get the pills today, I hope it would help me achieve my goal.

by Jeannie Huff on Beautiful Slim Body
Worth of the price

I just started taking them this week and I feel ok. I don't know if I've lost any weight, but I definitely feel less bloated, less of a full feeling all the time and I do feel better. I think this red meizitang capsule is worth of the price.

by Jenny Brady on Beautiful Slim Body
Feel good

Started taking these yesterday, within three hours emptied my bowel, started feeling flush and tingly , today appetite was suppressed , didn't feel like eating much. Drank around 4lrs of water and feel good.

by Hannah Marshall on Beautiful Slim Body
lost a lot weight

I've tried many different products for weight loss. This one said I would see a difference in the size of my belly-it's awful. I do see a change in it. The waist on my pants feel better now. good slimming pills.

by Iris Wilkerson on Beautiful Slim Body
No side effects

I already recommended this red meizitang to my friends who want to lose weight. What I also like is the cool email tips! My most favorite one is "park and walk". Thanks for your good service.

by Michelle Warren on Beautiful Slim Body
no side effect

I know there are many fakes in the market now, so I buy this meizitang with a upset heart. After I used the pills for a month now, I lost 8 lbs and get no side effect, I am so satisfied and I will surely buy from you in future, keep your good job going.

by Rosemarie Carpenter on Beautiful Slim Body
love the product

Hello, I love the product; I have been taking it for about 1 month and have lost 8 pounds already, nothing bad is felt so I think you product is real. Thanks and I will introduce the pills to my sister who need to lose 60 lbs.

by Debra Pittman on Beautiful Slim Body
worthy of being trusted in

I have been taking them for 2 months and my weight went from 188 to 175 currently; a friend has gain good effect by this product, I got the name and searched on net, then I decided to buy from this web based on the reviews. The fact shows that I am right, this web is truly worthy of being trusted in.

by Molly Estrada on Beautiful Slim Body
introduce this red meizitang to anyone who need to lose weight

I have got the product today, thanks, I

by Molly Wade on Beautiful Slim Body
customer service good

I haven't been taking red meizitang long no regularly so I haven't noticed much difference in my weight, but I have noticed that my appetite has significantly dropped, and I don't desire snacking like I was used to. From now, I will use the pills strictly as the customer service said and hope I can get amazing effects. I would really appreciate.

by Mae Cooper on Beautiful Slim Body
Praise for it

I really like the product because I saw results . it may not work for every one but it did for me . I want to continue using it and I hope for more results. Like red meiztang so much. Praise for it.

by Brittany Hamilton on Beautiful Slim Body
Work great

I started using it a month ago, I went to gym too without any diet changes. After that because of my hectic work schedule, I lost 11 lbs and feel energetic everyday.

by Fannie Howell on Beautiful Slim Body
Received it

My weight was 233 pounds when I ordered red meizitang strong version. Going by the reviews, I made my opinion that this product is good but you have to supplement it with proper nutrition/exercise to see the results. I go to the gym everyday 2 days so I ordered this, have lost 31 lbs now, half and 2 months.

by Lisa Richardson on Beautiful Slim Body

I like to say they

by Harold Morgan on Beautiful Slim Body
I don


by Donna Jones on Beautiful Slim Body
I desperately need to lose some weight

a friend recommended it, really excited to hear that the pills work, I desperately need to lose some weight

by Christine Diaz on Beautiful Slim Body
Hope they will enable me lose 10kgs

Got them 5 days ago, feel thirsty all the time and don

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